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Saint Lucia - Soufrière



Restaurants in Saint Lucia


restaurants and bars in st lucia


The choice of restaurants is truly ample in St Lucia, above all in its more touristic zones. Numerous western European restaurants exist to satisfy the most demanding of pallets all with good service standards and all offer a particular atmosphere, from the pirate’s caverns to the style feng shui. You can choose between all types of cuisine, French, Thai, Italian, and Creole, passing from a dinner based on grilled lobster, to BBQ, to pizza. Some of the best restaurants in St Lucia are based inside the most exclusive hotels on the island, who welcome outside clients with pleasure.



A selection of restaurants in St Lucia:

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Nightlife Saint Lucia


nightlife in st lucia

As the sun goes down the evening fun begins in St Lucia. In Rodney Bay you’ll find the major concentration of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Good food, good music and good company all night long. The sunrise lovers can opt for an aperitif onboard a catamaran choosing a sunset cruise cruising alone the Caribbean coast and parting at about 17.00 The Friday night Jump up and party which happens every Friday night in Gros Islet in the north of the island, where you eat, drink and dance in the street until sunrise; In Anse la Raye every Friday night there is the local fish party with fresh fish and shell fish cooked in a local way, with musical entertainment in the main street. The same party, the fish fry also happens at Dennery and at other various fishing villages on Saturday nights.


Where to go and what to do in the night in St Lucia


Creole cuisine and local restaurants


creole cuisine in st luciaEating in the local restaurants is an occasion to discover the flavors and tastes of the Creole cuisine of St Lucia and immerge yourself in the everyday life of the island. The local restaurants simply called the local bars, propose modest prices both for the local dishes and western European. With less than 5Euro you can eat a complete plate, fish or meat with vegetables, beans and rice accompanied with a soda or local bear Piton.
Mostly influenced by the French, then African with a touch of Indian has contributed in giving life to the Creole cuisine of St Lucia. Born in the 5th century of immigration and with the encounter of the Amerindian cuisine, which survived the times and even now remembered in the use of ingredients like sweet potato, Ingham and manioc.

  The typical St Lucian dish is “green fig and salt fish”, green banana and salted cod fish. The baccala introduced by the colonies was adapted into the Creole cuisine for its richness in protein and its low cost. Cooked strew with green banana, spices and herbs is the most popular plate. Even now on some beaches in the fishing villages some people still salt the fish then dry it out in the sun to conserve it longer. The banana is also used to make ketchup “banana ketchup.”


La Indian culture introduced by Indian workers in 1840 brought to the island to work in the sugar cane plantations, introduced the roti. A type of crepe or tortilla in the form of a roley and stuffed with different ingredients (Vegetables and meat) in an original Amerindian one pot. Seasoned heavily with spices and hot pepper and accompanied with red beans and local gnocchi’s, typical plate of St Lucia. Pumpkin soup is another typical St Lucian dish, prepared with thyme and unsmoked bacon with a chicken broth base.


Friday Night


friday night and nightlife in st lucia


The Friday night jump up of Gros Islet has been the local Friday night date for more than 20 years. Some streets are closed off to traffic. Huge speakers are installed along the pavements. They organize makeshift bars and stands with improvised restaurants around BBQ s of chicken and fish. The whole country is in party mode. The local bars stay open and dance the night away till late.